Here you will find information about MAT126 of Spring 07.

My MLC hours are during M 6pm-8pm. During my regular office hours, which I hold on M 8pm-9pm, you will find me either in my office (S240C) or in the MLC.
Click here for the homework assignments.
Below are the dates for the quizzes. Remember that recitation R03 meets on Tu 11:20am-12:15pm and recitation R14 meets on M 11:45am-12:40pm.
Month     Reciation    Date    Notes
-------     ---------     ----      -----
Feb         R03            13         Solutions
Feb         R14            12         Solutions
Mar         R03            06        Solutions
Mar         R14            05        Solutions
Mar         R14            26        Solutions
Mar         R03            27        Solutions
Apr         R14            09        Solutions
Apr         R03            10        Solutions
Apr         R14            30        
May        R03            01        

If you have problems for solving exercises 30 and 46 of section 6.2, here are the solutions (jpg files):
30p1, 30p2, 30p3, 46p1, 46p2, 46p3.

For the grades of the first midterm, click here. And for the second one, click here.

                                                               IMPORTANT!!!! EXTRA CLASS/REVIEW FOR THE FINAL:
                                                                              Wednesday, May 9, from 12:30-2:30pm.
                                                                              Local: room P-131 of the Math Building