Instructor: Marcelo Disconzi.

The course intends to develop the basic tools in Linear Algebra. More specifically, we shall cover: systems of linear equations, vector spaces (of finite dimension, mainly), inner products, determinants, eigenvalues and eigenvectors. The textbook is O. BRETSCHER, “Linear Algebra with Applications”, 3rd ed. The classes meet on MWTh, from 6:00pm to 8:15pm on Humanities 1006.

Grader: Yinghua Li.


The grade will be based on written exams, quizzes and homework. Homework will be assigned every week and are due on Mondays. Late homework will not be accepted. Click here for  the homework assignments. A 10-15 minutes quiz will be given every Monday, always covering the content of the previous week. The final grade will be computed according to the table below, although class participation may improve your grade. Incidentally, the grades may be curved.


Course information

Office hours

My MLC hours are on M 1pm-3pm and during my regular office hours, which I hold on M 3pm-5pm, you will find me either in my office (S240C, on the basement of Math Bld) or in the MLC. Recall, however, that the MLC is a place for helping students; hence, you may come to the MLC any time you want and certainly you will find a tutor there to help you.


We shall have our Midterm on Wed, June 20, in class. It will cover everything taught until the week before (June 16).

You can get here the practice midterm.


The midterm is already graded! Click here to see your grade.


We shall have our Final on Mon, July 9, in class. It will cover everything taught in class.

Because of the final, on July 9, I shall hold my office hours from 2-5pm on room P-131 of the Math Building.

You can get here the practice final.


… and the course is finished! Click here to see your final grade.

The grades have already been posted on SOLAR. If you want to see your final exam, pick up some old homework/quiz or discuss any other issue concerning the course, please send me an email.